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I used to work for Robert Presti. Oh what memories!

A mover's life is hard. Often we had no work and endured a life of hardship. We worked like slaves, for slave wages. That's the norm in the business.

He's a pretty square dealing guy. He has a soft side, but you won't see it very often. Rob had a rather short temper back in the days when I worked for him. One time I was in the field and had a dispute with a customer who decided he didn't want to pay for our services after we finished the job.

I explained the charges to the customer up front and we did a good job for him. I made a mistake by not collecting the amount due before the job was finished. The customer told us that he was going to go see Rob. We started laughing and told him...."Ya...Do it!" He said ..."Why are you laughing?" Rob used to let me hang out at his warehouse on the days there was no work.

I was broke and homeless. One time Rob brought me a blanket when I was laying on a sofa in his warehouse. Sometimes the phone would ring when I was waiting there and I got work that day. I had some bad experiences with him, but he and I always laughed about it afterwards.

The most important people you'll deal with when hiring a moving company is the movers themselves, not the companies owner. I worked with some excellent people at 21st century, and few that I didn't like. My buddy and I got a lot of repeat business. Customers asked for us by name.

They fed us and gave us good tips. I worked for other moving companies too. I did better working for Rob. I like Rob.

If you like the mover's work, please be generous to them and treat them well. I was lucky in 2008. I got my old job back and moved up. I had over 30 years experience as a thermal processer before I ever worked as a mover.

I have a good home and a new car now.

I make good money and I don't have to break my back for slave wages any more, but I will always have good memories of my time working for Rob. Hey Rob!!..........Miss you pal!!

Reason of review: Fun times.

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